Red House

The Town of Red House was formed from the Town of Salamanca in 1869.  The name
Red House originally applied to the Creek because at its mouth existed a red
house which was built to accommodate raftsmen on the Allegany River.

The first permament white settler (Darius Frink) arrived in 1827.  The first
bridge spaning 500 feet across the Allegany River, located near Red House station
was constructed in 1871.

The Town's farming land is located within the bounds of the Allegany Indian
Reservation, which lies on either side of the Allegany River.  Lumbering was the
principal source of revenue.

To serve the lumbermen, lumbering being the controlling industry, a post office
was erected at Freck's in 1890 and was located on the Allegany and Kinzua.  The
Hall's post office was established in 1893 on the road between Red House and

In the 1890's, the hamlet of Red House contained 2 - 3 hotels, a post office
(1869), and a few stores.  Also within the Town there was established a tavern
(1871), several sawmills (i.e . Marsh & Frisbie (1849), Bay State Lumber Company
(1853), a shingle mill (1870), a handle factory (1873), and a school house

Three railroads, The New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, with a station at Red
House, the Western New York and Pennsylvania, with a station at Shongo, and the
Allegheny and Kinzua with stations at Shongo and Freck's, were mainly employed to
haul lumber to market.

The Town of Red House lost portions of its land with the building of the Kinzua
Dam, while Allegany State Park desired the remaining lands in the Bay State Area.

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