The Town of Lyndon was set off from Franklinville in 1829.  In 1857, the name of
the Town was changed to Elgin, but was restored the following year.

The first contract to purchase land from the Holland Land Company occured in
1808.  Settlers began clearing the hills and valleys, preparing the way for
farming and dairying.

Settlements began in the Town of Lyndon by sections: the east - 1808, the west
- 1820, the south - 1824, the north - 1826.

The hamlet of Elgin, often referred to as Lyndon Centre, is located in the center
of the Town.  In the 1890's, the hamlet consisted of a post office (1826), a
church, a school (1820), a store (1827), a blacksmith shop, a shoe shop, and
four cheese factories.

The hamlet of Rawson, deriving its name from Lyndon's pioneer settler Solomon
Rawson, is located in the northeast corner of the Town, and lies partly in
Allegany County.

Other establishments within the Town included a tavern (1825) and 2 saw mills.

Source: Cattaraugus County Book 1808-1995/96

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