The original Town of Ischua, an Indian name, encompassed the entire northern half
of the County, and was formed from the Town of Olean in 1812.  Following several
splits in (1814, 1820, and 1821), the original Town of Ischua's name was altered
to be known as Franklinville and comprised today's Towns of Frankinville and
Lyndon in 1824.  At that point in time the Town named Ischua ceased to exist in
Cattaraugus county.

Today's Town of Ischua was included within the boundary of the Town of Hinsdale
which was formed from Olean in 1820.  In 1846, Hinsdale was split, and Town of
Rice was assigned to the northern portion of the then existing Town of Hinsdale.
In 1855, the Town known as Rice was renamed Ischua, and encompassed the area we know as Ischua today.

The principal stream in the Town is Ischua Creek which was the site of the first
sawmill in 1814.  In 1872, the Western New York & Pennsylvania railroad was
completed through the Town.

Todays Town of Ischua saw its first visitor in 1809, with the arrival of its
first settlers in 1812.  The first school (1821) in the Town was held in a barn
owned by A.H. Farwell.  The first Town meeting was held in 1846 at Eleazer
Denmore's tavern.  The first grist mill was built in 1826 .

During the 1890's the major occupation was farming.  Dairying saw the building of
4 cheese factories (1873, 1885, 1890, and 1891) within the Town.  In addition
to the dairies, large crops of potatoes and oats were produced.

The Village of Ischua saw its first settlers in 1816, who generated the establishment
of 2 hotels, a public house, a store (1816), a tavern (1816) , a grocery,
a foundry (1832), a tannery (1835), a brick yard (1829), a shoe shop
(1833), a railroad station, a grist mill (1826), and 2 asheries.

In 1866, a terrible storm broke over the Village of Ischua, pouring down rain for
3 1/2 hours.  The flash flooding swept an entire store into Ischua Creek.

In 1828, the first post office was known as West Hinsdale.  The name was changed
to Rice in 1848 and then to Ischua in 1855.

In the 1890's, the hamlet of Abbott, located near the county line, contained a
church, a store, a cheese factory (1873), a blacksmith shop and a post office

Source: Cattaraugus County Book 1808-1995/96

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