Video Education Series: The Vietnam War

Vietnam, "What a Vet Wants You to Know" is a four-part series featuring veterans from Cattaraugus County who share their experiences in four six-minute films.

The Four Videos & Lessons

The Vietnam War: Chapter 1: Called to Serve

This video is about the military draft and trying to understand the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War: Chapter 2: In Country

This video is about what a veteran wants you to know about living in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War: Chapter 3: Coming Home

This video is about the different "returning-home" experiences that Vietnam Veterans had in comparison to the veterans of other wars.

The Vietnam War: Chapter 4: Looking Back

This video is about how the Vietnam Veterans feel about various aspects of the Vietnam War.

About this Project

Our goal for this project is to give students the opportunity to hear what veterans who grew up where they grew up to hear a local perspective of the Vietnam conflict, allowing them to gain an understanding of the lasting impact war can have on individuals and their communities.

This project was specifically designed to be used in history classes and was developed with the assistance of two local teachers, Katie Wolfgang from Olean City School District and Dollene Christopher from Allegany/Limestone Central School District. These teachers directed the information included, length of the individual films, created lesson plans that follow NYS Standards for each of the four chapters and introduced each chapter as hosts in the productions.


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