Soldiers from Cattaraugus County who died in Vietnam War

Soldiers from Cattaraugus County who died in Vietnam.


Joseph R. Sweda, 20 Gowanda


Duane A. Wakeless, 25 Franklinville


Dale Russ Berg, 24 East Otto

David Farr, 25 Allegany

Larry R. Havers, 21 Vandalia

Rockwell Herron, 19 Olean

James Imerese, 20 Student at St. Bonaventure University

Orrie Macomb, 22 Salamanca

Francis J. (Bud), 42 Olean

Bernard M. Shattuck, 20 Hinsdale

James Worrell, 19  Olean


Walter J. Bernreuther, 25 Olean

Warren N. Chapman, 23 Franklinville

Andy Crawford, 21 Hinsdale

Lloyd T. Darling, 20 Carrolton

Dwight A. Dedrick, 22 Delevan

John Godfrey, 25 Olean

Daniel B. Henry, 32 Olean

Dennis E. Montague, 25 Olean

Richard G. Pixley, 18 Franklinville

Capt. Albert E. Rodriguez, Franklinville


Michael Clute, 19 Hinsdale

A. R. Culpepper, Allegany

Charles Dupre, 20 Olean

William J. Hillard II, 21 Randolph

Michael R. Reitz, 25 Olean


Ralph W. Bigelow, 21 Delevan

Thomas Drum, 21 Olean

Keith K. Franklin, Salamanca

Charles E. Harrison, Jr. 24 Delevan

Richard D. Hartman, 35 Olean

Ricky J. Hills, 21 Perrysburg

Arnold L. Robbins, Salamanca

Gregg A. Smith, 18 Great Valley


Donald G. Bailey, 23 Olean


List compiled in the book by Merle Bull, of Franklinville.  Submitted by Maggie Fredrickson, Ischua Valley Historical Society.