Folklore: Red Pond, Steamburg


“The Indian princess and her lover could no longer endure the wrath their parents inflicted because of their courtship.  They walked slowly, carefully, arm in arm to the edge of the tranquil water.  The pond glimmered with an ebony tint.  The water was cold and deep.  The pair slid noiselessly into the deadly abyss.  Together at last.

So goes the legend of Red Pond.  Or one of the legends I should say.  This remote glacial pond in western Cattaraugus County has been surrounded with mystery and speculation since its discovery.  Rumors of underwater serpents and a bottomless depth has led many an unwelcome visitor to its shores.” (By: Cheryl Minton, )

This small “lake” or pond about two acres in size is a bit northwest of Steamburg.  This is a very treacherous body of water as it reaches an amazing depth, even just a few feet from the shore. This body of water is fed from underneath by springs or a channel. The current is said to have suction strong enough to pull a fishing line towards it.

Named Red Pond because of its color, the body of water crosses Route 17 (86) and empties into the Little Conewango Creek. Although it may seem a deep red, the water in the pond actually has a black or charcoal tint. The plant life around the pond is large and very captivating.

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