The Harris/Greeley Store was a Station on the Underground Railroad

Homestead of John Greeley

The Homestead was a 153 acre Farm 1/2 mile South of Leon Center.  My Grandfather, Clyde Greeley was in this home.  The picutre was the home they lived in.  Many stories have been told of this being used as a Stage Coach Stop, Hotel and the Underground Railroad.  The side section of the home was moved next door closer to Leon Center where the Abe Brown family once lived. 

The barn across the road was used to store supplies after General Ice Cream Corporation bought it.  It has since been torn down.  In the basement of the large home was a large Bar-room.  As kids, we snuck down to see it.  I'm sure as a Hotel there were many rooms for travelers.  On the farm my Great-Grandfather started an Apple Evaporator in 1899. 

John Greeley and his brothers, Deforest and George Greeley were great Horsemen.  They raised and sold many winning horses.  George Greeley at one time bought and lived in the Franklin Hotel down in Leon Hollow.  It was torn down to make way for the new Highway Route 62.  He also owned the farm that Adam Raber's family lives in now.  About 1870 local horse racing men and others built 2 and 1/2 mile race tracks in Leon. 

1st: One was Pennyroyal Race Track that was used for car racing. 2nd: A Race Track was built on the North Side of Cherry Creek Hill.  There were many others in Leon that raised great horses for racing and selling.  One was Clenton Kelley.  He owned a Fiery racer.  It claimed this horse never lost a race.  Also claimed, this horse never broke his stride in a race.  He was sold for more than $1000 which was a lot of money in those days.

George Greeley is buried in Leon Treat Cemetery along with his wife - Ruth, as stated on the back side of the Head-Stone. 

Interview taken by the Leon Historical Society and town Historians. 


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