Noyes Tavern and Hotel

Around 1834, Thomas Noyes built a tavern at Leon Center that has been added to from time to time.  Other owners have been S.P. Hanford, John Lang, Ellery Stone, S.C. Horton, J. Carpenter, Nat. Kiearsted, Thomas Snyder, Russell Barlow, Zelotes Blanchard,  P.A. Snyder, B.B. Mosher, W.F. Ross, Clyde B. Greeley, Jay Foley, Jim Stout, Peter Mason, Hiram Mason, Myron Day and Paul Hoff.  In the fall of 1953 it was nearly destroyed by fire but Myron Day made repairs.  It later turned into a store and kept in good condition, later being transformed again into the Leon Grill.  Today it presently stands as CJK's Bar and Grill. 

Source: "History of the Town of Leon" and Pat Bromley, Town Historian


6749 Rt. 62
Leon, NY 14751

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