Kill Buck

Kill Buck, originally an Indian village whose chief's name was Daniel Kill Buck,
is the oldest settlement in the Town of Great Valley.  This hamlet (in the
1890's), consisted of 2 churches, a post office (1836), 2 stores (one built in
1856 by Senear & Green which was located on the former site of Chief Kill Buck's
wigwam), a brewery (1875 - Torge), a chair factory (1869 - Shorter & Bros.), a
hotel, a sawmill (1812) , a saw/planing mill, a bottling works, a tavern, a
blacksmith shop, a wagon shop, a cooper shop, a meat market, a doctor's office
and a school (both white and Indian).


Source: Cattaraugus County Book 1808-1995/96


Kill Buck Rd.
Great Valley, NY 14741

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