3 Park Square

"3 Park Square" was recently acquired by the Ischua Valley Historical Society (IVHS), through a donation, and is a building in the historic Park Square section of Franklinville, 3 Park Square.  The building is going to require a great deal of restoration before it can be put to use.  The IVHS Board has approved the restoration in phases, and phase one has been approved and a contractor has been hired to repair the back of the building - the floor needs replacing in the doorway before we can move anything in or out and the exterior roof area at the rear of the building requires restoration.  A stairway from the first to second floor also needs repair or new construction.  This work will be accomplished during the next couple of months (spring 2017).  After that, there is a great deal of work to be done on the front of the building, to restore it to its original look (circa 1890) as shown in photographs that are in the possession of IVHS. 

Plans for 3 Park Square, once it is weather tight, and safe to use, will be storage on the 2nd floor.  The items already at the Miner's Cabin, but not of use in a Victorian home will be brought to 3 Park Square and housed.  The first floor of 3 Park Square will be used for displays (e.g clothing of the season (bridal outfits in June, winter clothing in December)); and a room for all the reserach material currently at the Miner's Cabin will be created.  Space for research and study will be included in this area.  An office for the IVHS officers will be created on the first floor as well. 





3 Park Square
Franklinville, NY 14737

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