Standard Knife Company

Standard Knife Company
Founded by Elliott J. and Dean J. Case
Little Valley, New York

After learning the business from their father Jean Case at Case Brothers, Elliott and Dean formed the jobber Standard Knife Company on Fair Oak Street in 1901. Sales were brisk, with product manufactured by C. Platts & Sons and others, and the ultimate goal of expanding into manufacturing. Savvy marketing certainly helped: “If you’re found dead with a Standard Knife in your pocket, we will pay for your funeral.” But tragedy struck when Elliott returned from a sales trip with Typhoid fever, dying at 28 years old, leaving a widow and two small children. Dean was forced to return to Case Brothers, and the assorted family businesses bought Standard Knife’s inventory, evidenced by very rare W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery stickers covering, thus concealing, this late company’s packaging and brief existence.

Information provided by Brad Lockwood and Dean E. Case.

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