Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Company

Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Company
Founded by John W. Schatt and Charles B. Morgan
Gowanda, New York

The birthplace of John W. Schatt, Gowanda earns brief notoriety in Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Company’s history. But this critical moment and its ties to the industry and Cattaraugus County cannot be overlooked. Started in New York City in 1895 as the New York Cutlery Company, the venture moved to Schatt’s hometown of Gowanda where it bought C. Platts & Sons cutlery factory, transitioning from jobbing to manufacturing as Schatt & Morgan until 1902. The company then moved to Titusville, Pennsylvania, where several former employees had also formed their own growing company, Queen City Cutlery. Queen would buy Schatt & Morgan in 1933 and continues “old fashioned” knifemaking ways to this day.

Information provided by Brad Lockwood and Dean E. Case.

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