Founded by Dean Case, Russ Case and Tint Champlin
Little Valley, New York

Literally founded by kin – cousins Dean and Russ Case, and Tint Champlin – the venture was to help W.R. Case & Sons and Cattaraugus Cutlery meet production demands for fixed-blade knives. The original building was blown away by wind, yet Dean Case was able to buy-out his related partners through product by the 1930s, supplying fighting knives and the M4 bayonet during World War II, refocusing on hunting and household knives afterward. Due to labor issues, Kinfolks was closed in 1957, with another cousin, Emerson Case, continuing production of the brand under Robeson Cutlery in Perry, New York, until 1965.

Information and photo provided by Brad Lockwood and Dean E. Case.

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