Cattaraugus Cutlery

Cattaraugus Cutlery
Founded by J.B.F. and Tint Champlin
Little Valley, New York

See below for the early history of Cattaraugus Cutlery as J.B.F. Champlin & Son. After incorporating as Cattaraugus Cutlery in late 1886, J.B.F. Champlin took advantage of new tariffs on imported cutlery, as well as the machinery acquired from the defunct Beaver Falls Cutlery Company factory, to bring manufacturing to Cattaraugus County. The new water-powered factory on Mill Street was in operation by 1890 yet production was limited by a leaking reservoir thus a lack of power. Still, J.B.F. persevered, courting George Korn to make his famous safety razors in Little Valley, and encouraging his employees to venture out on their own, including the Plattses and Cases. Tint would assume leadership of the company after J.B.F.ā€™s unexpected death in 1903, building a new factory along the railroad tracks in Little Valley, developing the district school system, and making the brand one of the most important in America. Multiple ā€œEā€ flags for excellence in supporting the war effort were won by Cattaraugus Cutlery, and the company would focus on household cutlery until the Champlin family agreed to cease operations in 1963.

Information and photo provided by Brad Lockwood and Dean E. Case.

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