Our History Books- historical maps below as well

Cattaraugus County:
~"History of Cattaraugus Co., New York" by Franklin Ellis, Eugene Arns Nash, Published by L.H. Everts.  Copyright 1879
~"Historical Gazetter and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus County, N.Y.: With Map and Illustrations".  Published by Lyman, Horton Company.  Copyright 1893.
~"Cattaraugus County Bicentennial History 1808-2008: 200 Years of Adventure--Past, Present and Future" by Maggie Fredrickson and the Cattaraugus County Bicentennial Advisory Committee.  Copyright 2008.
~"Sketches in the History of the Underground Railroad" by Eber M. Pettit.  Copyright 1879.
~"The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom" by Wilbur H. Siebert.  Copyright 2006, 1898.
~"Tested XX: The Case Cutlery Dynasty" by Brad Lockwood.  Copyright 2005.
~"Kinfolk Knives: A History of Cutlery and Cousins" by Dean E. Case.  Copyright 2010.

Allegany:  Books are available from the Allegany Area Historical Association Museum or at www.Allegany.org
~"Our Allegany Heritage, 1931-1981: A Sesquicentennial Review" by Town of Allegany, edited by Bergreen and Schaeper.  Copyright 1983.  Cost is $10. 
~"Tales of War and Confinement From World War II" by Allegany Area Historical Association.  Copyright 2004.  Cost is $6. 
~"Allegany to Appomattox, The Life and Letters of Private William Whitlock of the 188th New York Volunteers" by Dr. Valgene Dunham (great-great grandson to William Whitlock.  Copyright 2013.  Available from Syracuse University Press.  Cost is $29.95. 

~"Coldspring the Trial" by Cheri Mancuso and John Scarano.  Copyright 2010.
~"Coldspring" by Cheri Mancuso and John Scarano.  Copyright 2009-2010.

Dayton:  Books are available from the Dayton Historical Society Museum or at the Town Clerk's Office.
~"History of Dayton" by Charles Schults.  Copyright 1901. Price is $30.
~"History of Dayton, N.Y." by the Dayton Historical Society .  Copyright 1985.  Price is $20.

East Otto: 
"Of a Boy and His Valley" by Arnold Cook.  Copyright 1991.  

~"St. John's Church of Ellicottville" by William King Laidlow.  Copyright 1946.  Available from St. John's Episcopal Church.  Price is $3 plus postage.

~"For the Love of Skiing: Our Story of Skiing in Ellicottville" by Edna Northrup and Lillian Congdon.  Copyright 2002.

~"The Old Cattaraugus County Court House and Ellicottville Town Hall" by William K. Laidlaw.  Copyright 1970.  Booklet.
~"1837-1987: Village of Ellicottville Sesquicentennial" by Sesquicenntennial Commemorative Publications.  Copyright 1987.  Available from The Ellicottville Historical Society Museum.  Price is $3 plus postage.

~"Southern Tier Vol. 1" by Arch Merrill.  Copyright 1954.

Great Valley/Mansfield:
~"The Journal of Josiah Hollister: A Soldier of the American Revolution and a Prisoner of War in Canada".  Copied from the Original by Romanzo Norton Bunn.  Copyright 1928.

Hinsdale Area:  Books are available from the Hinsdale Historical Society Museum
~"History of Ischua New York" by Sally Squire Pettengill.  Price is $10.
~"Hinsdale...My Home Town" by Lila G. Cooper.  Price is $20.

Leon:  Books are available from the Leon Historical Society Museum.
"Leon: A Century of Progress 1800-1933" by John M. Ackley.  Copyright 2010. Price is $15.
~"Love Letters from Union Soldiers" by Shannon. Copyright 2015. Price is $6.
"The Civil War, Letters of Edward W. Clark 1840-1864, Musician, Co.K, 64th N.Y. Vol INfantry 1861-1864".  Transcribed by Phil Pelan and formatted by Myra Johnson, Nov 2015.  Price is $8.
~"History of the Town of Leon" by B.J. Dorsey.  Copyright 1958. 
"Pennyroyal Race Track" Copyright 2015 by Fred Milliman who saved the photos and compiled, along with Pat Bromley, Lindalee Allen and Myra Johnson from the Leon Historical Society.  Price is $15.

Little Valley:
~"Cattaraugus Cutlery Company: Identification and Values" by Roy Ritchie and Ron Stewart.  Copyright 2000.
~"Kinfolks Knives: A History of Cutlery and Cousins" by Dean Elliott Case.  Copyright 2010.
~"Images of America W.R. Case & Sons Cutler Company"by Shirley Boser and John Sullivan.  Copyright 2006.
~"The Case Cutlery Dynasty, Tested XX" by Brad Lockwood.  Copyright 2005.

~"The Iceman Cameth: The History of The Natural Ice Industry at Lime Lake, New York 1880-1925" by Jeffrey Miller.  Copyright 1996.

New Albion:
~"A Hundred Years & More of Cattaraugus- New Albion Happenings" by Cattaraugus Area Historical Society.  Copyright 1979.

Perrysburg:  Books are available from the Perrysburg Historical Society and Museum
~"J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital:  Her Inside Voice" by Char Szabo-Perricelli.  Copyright 2016.

Portville: Books are available from the Portville Historical and Preservation Society.
~"From Emerette's Kitchen: Practical Receipts" Compiled and Arranged by the Women of the Philharmonic Society of Portville, New York.  Copyright 1899.  Price is $10, $15 if mailed.
~"A History of Farming in the Portville Area" by Ruth Bixby Bray.  Republished 2005.  Price is $10, $15 if mailed.   
~"Portville Goes to War: The Contributions of the Community of Portville, NY to World War II" Edited by Ronda Shaner Pollock.  Copyright 1998. Price is $15, $20 if mailed. 
~"The History of the Town of Portville, 1805-1920" Edited by Thomas C. Pollock and Ronda S. Pollock.  Copyright 1986.  Price is $13, $18 if mailed. 
~Portville's Architectural Heritage - Sketches of 18 houses, churches and public buildings with information about history and style.  Price is $3, $8 if mailed. 

~"What I Never Told You: A Daughter Traces the Wartime Imprisonment of Her Father" by Candy Kyler Brown.  Copyright 2010.

~"Allegany Oxbow: A History of Allegany State Park and the Allegany Reserve of the Seneca Nation" by Charles E. Congdon.  Copyright 1967.
  Available for $5 from the Salamanca Area Historical Society Museum.
~"Cornplanter: Chief Warrior of the Allegany Senecas" First Edition by Thomas S. Abler.  Copyright 2007.

Historical Maps:
~The 1856 Map - From the County Records and Actual Surveys by Samuel Ceil, Surveys by S.K. Godshalk, Published by J.M. Tiffany Fredonia.  Copyright 1856.  A newly restored 63"x64" version of this map is available for viewing at the Heritage Center of Allegany Area Historical Association. Other historical societies also have copies of this map on display.  The clearest and most well-preserved version can be found at the Cattaraugus County Museum in Machias  

~The Cattaraugus Couny Real Property and GIS Services has developed layers that can be selected on their Parcel Viewer.  Selecting Historical Maps under the Layer List will allow you to view the 1840 County Map, the 1869 Beers Atlas Map, and the 1955 Holland Land Company Map.   See photo:
Historical Maps Layer List on the Parcel Viewer

When on the Parcel Viewer, click on the 3 paper image you see on the upper left corner.