Cattaraugus (Village)

Village of Cattaraugus - From the Cattaraugus County History 1808-195/96 Book.

The Village of Cattaraugus, is in the the town of New Albion.  Located on a hillside, was a station of the New York & Erie Railroad.  In 1830 a potash factory opened.  A public meeting place, "Darlings Hall", opened in 1875.  In the 1870-1990's, the Village saw 5 churches, 3 stores, a hardware store, 2 carriage shops, a edged tool manufactory (Eyck Edge Tool Company 1883), a clothier (1851), a school (1852), a tavern, post office (1851), a bank (Cattaraugus Banking Company - 1869), 2 doctors, a weekly publication (Cattaraugus Gazette- 1977), 3 lawyers, a jewelry store, a drug store, 2 merchant tailoring shops, a telegraph/telephone/express office, The Arizona Milling and Mining Company office (1878), and 2 hotels.  Manufacturing interests within the Village included the Cattaraugus Steam Flour and Saw Mill (1858 which included fork and hoe handles, cheese boxes, cooperage), the Cattaraugus Tannery (1857) later known as Moench Tannery, Cattaraugus Chair Factory, Ambrose Snyder's Furniture Factory, Ross' Carriage Works (1873), a sash and blind factory, a shingle mill, a tin and sheet iron manufactory, and the Waite Sawmill (1865).  The first public house (1851) was later known as "Cattaraugus House". 

The population of the Town of New Albion, including the Village of Cattaraugus, in 1870 was 1487, in 1890 was 1858, in 1990 was 1978.