Leon United Methodist Church

Leon United Methodist Church - Corner of Rt. 62 & CR 6 in Leon, 2000

Historic Significance:


The Church which is part of the Historical museum was built in 1836. It is on the National Registry.  They cut the huge trees from the surrounding hills and hewed out the beams that were the frame work of the future.  The stone foundation was laid and the community came together to ‘raise’ the church.  The sanctuary was finished and the church was opened.

The church was the first church in Western New York to be heated.  It had two chimneys in the front and two stoves.  The preacher’s pulpit was between the stoves.  He must have been nice and warm!    

The original plan for the church had a sanctuary and a bell tower.  It was 22 years later that the bell tower and the entry way were added.  By then, the stream running through the town had saw mills capable of sawing big beams and board.  The bell tower is mostly sawed lumber. In 1858 the bell was hoisted up to the top of the tower and still rings to this day.

The church was the centerpiece of a small town and a tribute to the people who made it all come true.  “Leon”, as it was called in 1858, had built their first church!

Source: Leon Historical Society - leonhistoricalsociety.webs.com/didyouknow.htm


Corner of Rt. 62 & CR 6
Leon, NY 14751

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