Trash and Treasure in East Otto

 Trash and Treasure, the newest business to open really adds a touch of nostalgia to the area. Anyone who grew up in East Otto always saw this building as an active part of the community. The photo of the building was taken in 1913. Look at the sign: "DRUGS".  In today's world we would not see that title on a building.  Through the years various titles have been on the building one being Herbs Berg's at 9004 Main St., East Otto, NY.  It was commonly known to locals as "Myrtles”. New owner, Mary Dankert is uncertain of the long term hours or operation. Currently, in 2015 Mary did a "fall event" and was open for several weekends in the fall months Mary may have an event in the spring. Check the posting on the door of the building. Mary said she would leave a phone number to contact her if you really want to get in to look around.

The following article written by Arvilla Prtichard on October 3, 2015 chronicles the building and owner.

 RE-PURPOSED- Built in the late 1800s, the building has housed a drug store, and a grocery and a herb store. They also sold gas and serviced cars out back. Myrtle Berg ran it from 1935 till about 1995. Since then, the building has sat vacant. After nearly twenty years of dodging the wrecking ball, it’s being reincarnated as the East Otto Trash & Treasures, by Mary Dankert.

 East Otto is getting some good news.  One of its most venerable and beloved buildings has been purchased and will soon open its doors to the public once again.

 The former Myrtle Berg’s store was always a special place to visit, and it looks like new owner, Mary Dankert, intends to keep it that way.

 Dankert has named her new enterprise East Otto Trash & Treasures, and that name pretty much says it all.  There will be new and used items of every description, including a large array of pet accessories, practical and/or funny gifts, cookbooks galore, and various useful household doodads—all offered at reasonable prices.

 Dankert has set her Grand Opening for Saturday, October 10, which coincides nicely with the East Otto Fire Company’s justly famous Chicken Barbecue, planned for October 11.

 “For now,” says Dankert, “we’ll be open weekends only, so it made sense to start up on Columbus Day weekend that’s a little longer than usual.  Then, while you’re in town for the chicken, you can stop in at Trash and Treasures and check us out.  We’re right across the street from Mitch’s store, where you can get great subs and pizza.”

 The building housing East Otto Trash & Treasures is historic.  Erected in the late 1800s, it’s been home to a number or businesses, including a drugstore, a grocery and an herb store.  It once sported a couple of gas pumps out front and a car repair service out back.

 Still, most locals still call it “Myrt’s place,” referring to Myrtle Berg, East Otto’s longtime matriarch.  Berg and her true love and husband Harry, purchased the building about 1935, and presided over their business together until his death.  Devastated, Myrtle nonetheless gathered her resolve and carried on alone.  Finally in the mid-1990s, her own failing health forced her to leave her beloved bailiwick.

 Day in, day out, for almost seven decades, Mert tended the store, cheerfully dispensing ice cream cones with one hand and herbal remedies with the other.  She was the only person for miles around who knew how to properly “candle a wax-filled ear,” and earache sufferers routinely traveled to East Otto for that service right up until her retirement.

 Over the years, Myrt’s inventory had grown ever more eclectic.  The many who knew her are positive she would have wanted “Her store” open again, and would have welcomed this new business with open arms.

 “You can’t sell it if you don’t have it,” Myrt was fond of saying.  And now, Mary Dankert intends to see to it that East Otto Trash & Treasures has it.

 Myrt would be proud.

Information submitted by Sue Cross, Town of Mansfield Historian

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