The Stoddard Family

An extremely old and rare photo from the early 1860s, showing Giles Stoddard, Jr., his wife Sarah and their first born, son Ted(Theodore). 

Giles was born on August 7, 1834, being one of 23 children. He and his wife Sarah, had 8 children of their own. Giles Stoddard enlisted in fighting for the Union Army, enlisting in Company C, the 13th Regiment, N.Y. Vol. Heavy Artillery and served until July 24, 1865. Mr. Stoddard passed away at his home on October 24, 1901, at the age of 67 years old, after being bed ridden the last three years. His wife Sarah, continued to live on the farm while drawing a widows Civil War Veteran pension of $8.00 per month until her death in September of 1912.

Giles married his wife Sarah Niles Card on December 31, 1859 in Gowanda, NY. Shortly afterwards they moved into the tall stands of virgin white pines & hemlock, in the area that is named after him of "Stoddard Hollow", where he built a log house for his new bride on a spot approximately less than 50 yards south of the present day Red House Park Store. "Stoddard Hollow" encompasses from the top of where Bay State Road connects into ASP Route 1(where the Big Basin Ski area use to be located. It should be noted that "Stoddard Hollow, is ALSO known as the "Big Basin Area"), Stoddard Hollow Creek, as it follows for approximately 4 miles down, to where this stream flows though the Red house Picnic Grounds and empties into Red House Lake.

After returning home from the Civil war, he built a new large frame home to replace the original log home that he had previously built upon arriving in the "Stoddard Hollow Area". This new home was also located just south of the present day Red House Park Store(that is located across the road from the Tent & Trailer Campground).

This photo and information, are courtesy of Llewylyn "Hook" France. - Bob Schmid via Allegany State Park Historical Society's Facebook Page

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