Solomon Nichols

Solomon Nichols (1796 – 1890) appears as “Col. S. Nichols” in the 1843 Liberty Friends list in the Anti-Slavery Collection of the Foote papers, where he was listed as residing in Randolph NY (Cattaraugus County). He was born in Williamstown MA to Josiah and Nancy Ann (Wilkinson) Nichols. According to the History of Cattaraugus County, New York (Philadelphia: L. H. Everts, 1879), “Solomon Nichols came from Monroe County in 1823, in the month of January. In 1822 he had visited the town and articled 120 acres on lot 48, which he paid twelve years later.”

Also, “an adjoining tract of land, taken by David Hodge, who came with Nichols, was the first paid up in town. Hodge returned to Monroe in four or five years, and after 1830, Solomon Nichols also moved back for six years. In his absence, Abram Kierstead lived on his farm, and kept a public house, which was continued by Nichols after his return, and was kept until the railroad was built. In the days of militia training, Mr. Nichols rose from the command of a company to the rank of colonel.”

Also,“in 1825 the Baptist Church of Randolph was formally constituted at the house of Solomon Nichols.” In the 1840 census, he is found in Henrietta NY, but he and his first wife, Lucy, then settled back in Randolph NY. According to the 1855 census, Solomon Nichols indicated he had been in Randolph for 11 years, that is, since 1844. The 1856 map shows S. Nichols’ Hotel in Lot 48 and his home in Lot 47. The Olean Democrat of 12 April 1888 carried an article about the contested will of Nichols last wife Polly. According to the article, she had died in Randolph in 1887.

author of article: Douglas Sheppard


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