Plank Road, Great Valley, NY

 The Plank Road in Great Valley, NY was one of the first roads through Cattaraugus County.  Named as such for the planks of wood that were used to construct the road. This particular "plank road" was a toll road however collection of tolls was short-lived.  Plank roads proved not to be as effective as was originally expected because the surface was uneven, the  planks sunk into the mud and would often break. The footing was very unstable for the horses and would and could result in injury to the animal's legs.

 This Plank Road had a stage coach stop known as the Plank House. The building is still serving as a haven for travelers and now known as the Evergreen Tea Room and B & B located at junction of Route 219 and Route 98 Great Valley, NY.  A Historic Marker for this location was donated by the Pomeroy Foundation.

As you travel through Cattaraugus County you will find other roads that may be named, Plank Road, one such road is located in the Town of Versailles, NY.

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