Nostaglic 76 West Main St

Allegany, New York

This building began as the Dye Brothers Bank in 1890.  Then it became the First National Bank, then the Allegany Meat Market owned by Frank Seyller.  Later is turned into the Dornow Pharmacy, first owned by Karl Dornow and then by his son, Edwin Dornow, and his wife, Muriel.  During this time there was a two-lane bowling alley on the second floo.  Many of the local boys worked as pin spotters.  This is depicted in the second photo above. 

Magnano Health and Beauty Aids then occupied the building, owned by Michael Magnano, followed by Crafts Galore, owned by Rosemary Smith.  The building was then divided into 2 sections, one large and one small.  The large section was Allegany Pharmacy, owned by J.E. Sprout.  John Wolf owned Allegany Travel Service in the small section. 

Kellogg Kitchen and Bath was next in the building, owned by Richard Kellogg.  Prime Time Movies was next and then Education First, where Linda Nottingham sold teacher supplies.  Following that was a major change into a Mexican Restaurant, Don Lucho's which was followed up by Senor Villa, and today La Cocina. 

The first floor facade has changed over the years but the second floor would still be recognizable to someone from the 1890's. 

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