Leon Grange #795

One evening, in the fall of 1895, a group of Leon people met in the Albert Ackler Cheese Factory on Wells HIll to discuss organizing a Grange.  It was decided to call Deputy E. C. Ferguson from Conewango for the purpose.  Mr. Ferguson met with these people October 7, 1895 in the Leon Hotel, and from the twenty-two charter members, the following members were elected as its officers:
-Worthy Master - Hiram Crofoot
-Overseer - Harrison Franklin
-Lecturer - Mrs. M.G. Peckham
-Assistant Steward - Mark Gorsline
-Gate Keeper - Aras Wood
-Pomona - Mrs. Hiram Crofoot
-Flora - Mrs. Charles Filley
-Ceres - Miss Etta Stevens
-Treasurer - Mrs. Ella Franklin
-Secretary - Mrs. Mary Kellogg

This is Grange #795 and it was sixth organized in Cattaraugus County.  From 1895 to 1903, meetings were held in the Leon Hotel.  The writer attended meetings there with her grandparents and remembers the long hall which was poorly lighted with oil side lamps with reflectors. 

In 1903, the Grange moved into the new hall; a remodeled barn purchased from Thomas Caneen.  Much of the furniture used in the old hall was moved and is still in use today. 

This Grange, organized 66 years ago, still has regular meetings and like other organizations has weathered the vicissitudes as all organizations must and survived. 

Among the early Worthy Masters were: Hiram Crofoot, Alvin Markham, William Towne, O. A. Johnson, Le Grand Morgan, Cyrus Thodes, William Eldredge, and C.C. Barlow.  More recent Worthy Masters were Guy Hill, Anna Petersen, O.W. Prince, Rodney Macey and Inez Hill. 

Written account taken October 29, 1961 by Historian of Leon, Gladys Morgan Luce

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