John F. Fenton

In early life, before he arrived at majority, he commenced to purchase and ran lumber to market, investing the proceeds in timber lands in Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., near the Allegany River, where he soon removed, and continued to purchase lands, manufacture lumber, and run to market, till, at the time of his death, he owned about five thousand acres of land, for which he had been offered two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

He held the office of supervisor for four years; he also held the office of assessor and of highway commissioner in his town.  In politics he was a Republican, in religion a Protestant.  In all business transactions he was upright and obliging, and by perseverance and industry his every effort was crowned with success.

Fourth son of George W. and Elsie (Owen) Fenton, was born in Carroll, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Oct. 30, 1816.  His brothers were Roswell O. (deceased), George W., Jr., William H. H., and Hon. Reuben E. Fenton.

He passed his early life on the farm where he was born, attending the district school, where he obtained a fair education, which in after-years he put to good practical use.

He was married Aug. 11, 1836, to Sally M. Woodward, by whom he had eight children:  Minerva M., who first married marcellus Phillips and after his decease, H. O. Burt; George W., who died young; Emma, who married Melvin A. Crowley (now deceased); Loderna (deceased), who married Alvin Scudder; Louise, who married Charles C. Rich; George W., who married Louraine A. Dockstader; Mary, unmarried; Erie W., who married Addie M. Crowley.

Mr. Fenton died Sept. 10, 1869.  Sally M., his wife, died Jan. 22, 1874.

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