Inkley's Pharmacy

Changes in our lifestyles sometimes mean familiar icons are no longer visible. Businesses disappear from our environment. Public pay phones are no longer available.  The phones used now are portable and most everyone carries one. Less and less phones remain attached to a landline in our homes. The small family owned forty to fifty cow dairy farms are almost extinct. And yet another disappearing small business is the pharmacy, that could be found in many communities in the county.  A few of these locally owned pharmacies still survive.

 Inkley's Pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy in Randolph, New York. Your prescriptions are filled while you browse the delightful assortment of gifts, jewelry, candles, cards, toys, baby items, Amish souvenirs. This is a delightful store to visit whether you have a medical need or just to pick up a gift item or card. 


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