Hiram Chapman, Lake Erie Boat Captain Transporter of Slaves

Hiram Chapman the son of Thomas Chapman (1782-1846) and Anna Welton Chapman (1787-1863) was born April 9, 1810 in Jefferson, Schoharie County, NY and died April 8, 1889 in Versailles, Cattaraugus County, NY

Hiram Chapman grew up in large family in Sheridan, NY. He married Maria Helen Parker and was the father of William Chapman.  Hiram became a ship captain on Lake Erie and was cited in Eber Pettit’s memoirs for assisting in the transport of Underground Railroad refugees. Chapman later retired to Versailles, NY, where his wife Maria Parker Chapman had inherited land. He then became one of several well-known horticulturalists in the Versailles area. The monument to Chapman and his wife is a prominent feature at the Versailles Cemetery



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