Dr. Lee-O-Netto, The Indian Doctress

Nonagenarian Passes Tuesday: Dr. Lee-O-Nett-O, Well Known Indian Doctor of Allegany, Succumbs at the Age of Ninety-Five Years. 

Mrs. Lee-O-Nett-O, our well known Indian Medicine Doctor passed away at her home on West Main street at twelve-thirty o'clock Tuesday afternoon from ailments incident principally to old age.  Doctor Lee-O-Nett-O was 95 years of age. 

Born in Canada, April 9, 1844, she came to the United States in 1859.  She was a descendant of the St. Francis Indian Tribe of Macgallway River in Canada.  The doctor located in this village about twenty-five years and until two years ago she was active in her profession in the treatment of the sick with herb medicines of her own composition, attaining a great degree of success in her patient's illnesses. 

She was remarkably well precerved for one of her age, of extraordinary intelligence, kind to animals of all kinds, and fond of birds.  She took great pleasure in breeding canaries and parrots, of which she had many about her spacious home. 

Deceased is survived by two nephews, Leon Horton of East Randolph; William Kunstanaux of Fredonia, and a niece, Miss Grace Kelley of Wells Bridge, N.Y.

Funeral services will be held at the late home, 54 West Main Street, this afternoon (Thursday) at 2:30 o'clock and the remains will be laid at rest in the Allegany cemetery.  Rev. Joseph Groves, pastor of St. Stephen's Church of Olean, will officiate at the last rites. 

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