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List of Persons Aboard C-46
Washington, Dec 31- Following is a arevised list of persons aboard the C-46 transport plane which left Pittsburgh for Buffalo Saturday night.  The names were given to the Civil Aeronautics Board by airline officials, and additional information was given by friends of those aboard:

Capt. J. C. Webber, pilot in command.
Co-pilots Gus Athas and H.E. Rutzebeck.
Capt. Victor Harris, also aboard.
Stewardesses Pearl Moon, Dolores Beshears, Dolored Harvey.  All crew members were from Miami, Fla.

G. Albert, MiamiMiss Betty Ablert, Miami.
Tech. Sgt. David E. Arnold, Miami.
Miss Mary Battista, Weirtown, W.Va.
William Beschos, Younstown, Oh.
Mrs. Doroty Berman Bruce, 164 Kings St. Kingston, Oh.
Albert Dichak, Canonsburg, Pa.
J. Frankell, Pittsburgh.
Miss Judy Frankell, Pittsburgh.
Mark Frankell, Pittsburgh. 
R.A. Geyer, Pittsburgh.
Roy Hemhill, Coraopolois, Pa.
John Jones, Fairmount, W.Va.
Mrs. John Johnes, Fairmount, W.Va.
Miss L, Kroll, Pittsburh.
Mrs. Audrey Malcolm, 21 Webb St. Lockport, NY.
Corp. Richard J. Martin, U.S. Marine Coprs, Key West, Fla. son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Martin, 22 Hayward St. Buffalo. 
Mrs. M. Messerlos, Pittsburgh.
R. H. McLain, Morgantown, W.Va.
Mrs. McLain, Morgantown, W.Va.
Jeffrey Evans, 14 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidwell Evans, Pittsburgh, grandson of the McCains.
Miss M. Meyers, Key West. Fla.
Mrs. Norchia, Pittsburgh.
John Opar, Jeanette, Pa.
Thomas Patterson, New Castle, Pa.
Mrs. J. Penman, Pittsburgh.
Mrs. Anna Pisto, Grafton, Pa.
Miss Paula Pauluzzi, Miami.
Mr. Siegel, Pittsburgh.
Edward J. Wessel, Pittsburgh.
Miss Eva Woodward, Miami.
Joseph Wozniak, Canonsburg, Pa.
R. Wilson, U.S. naval Air Station, Miami. 

From the Buffal oSubmitted by Mary Elizabeth Dunbar, Ellicottville Historical Society.

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