Mansfield Area Historical Society Museum

Established in 2010 in the former Mansfield Town Hall, preciously a United Congregational Church) was established  for the preservation of items from the Mansfield area that have historical significance in the early settlement of Cattaraugus County.

The museum is  open by appointment. Please contact either the historian, Sue Cross by email or the Mansfield Historical Society President, Kelly Keis by email     If you do not get a response please contact both. We do not want to miss your inquiry. In the past this may have happened due to illness so we want you to have more than one contact.  We do want to open the museum to you . We have found sitting in the building waiting for visitors is not very effective.   Also our Town Hall is open only part time. Monday is the best day to call or Saturday morning to leave a message for us. The number is 716-257-9288.

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7691 Toad Hollow Road
Little Valley, NY 14755

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